The Administrative Core uses deliberate strategic planning, efficient management, and data-driven approaches to ensure the Collaborative reaches its overall goals and successfully completes the aims of for Cores and research projects.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core will be guided by the input from stakeholders in the African American and Latino communities through innovative methods and approaches. Our leadership is poised to develop and nurture a collaborative environment that will drive innovation of ideas and promote ingenuity among researchers from across institutions. This Core will develop and sustain an operational infrastructure that promotes efficient use of cores, facilitates access to c.enter resources and responds to the needs of investigators.

Research Team:

Investigators Project Managers

Specific Aims:

  1. Develop and sustain a highly productive and efficient trans-disciplinary collaborative center that enables precision medicine and health equity research
  2. Facilitate and ensure effective communication within the center, among consortium institutions, and with the broader community
  3. Engage stakeholders from African American and Latino communities in the development, priority-setting, and oversight of the Center.