The Precision Medicine and Health Disparities Collaborative

As defined by the National Research Council, Precision Medicine is the “ability to classify individuals into sub-populations that differ in their susceptibility to a particular disease, in the biology and/or prognosis of the diseases that they may develop, or in their specific treatment.”


The mission of the Vanderbilt-Miami-Meharry Center for Excellence in Precision Medicine and Population Health is to provide a diverse group of researchers with the infrastructure and resources to develop collaborative research teams that use precision medicine approaches to eliminate disparities in health outcomes, specifically among African Americans and Latinos. Our objectives encompass scientific, educational, and advocacy areas. We will fill the cross-training gap between human genomics research and disparities research; generate awareness of immediately addressable disparities and propose practical solutions; and be a resource nationally for disparities knowledge. The combined resources and expertise of our partners will yield extraordinary services and new resources that will propel precision medicine and health disparities research.

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Three projects are funded as part of the Center. In a study led by the University of Miami, we will develop new statistical methods to predict risk of disparities, starting with cervical cancer. Vanderbilt University Medical Center will examine genetic risk factors contributing to health disparities and will characterize the relative contribution of genetic risk factors for asthma and preterm birth, two conditions with substantial disparities in health outcomes among African Americans and Latinos. Vanderbilt University will lead a study of person-specific obesity treatment for African American and Latino Men.

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The Center includes five cores: The Administrative Core, Consortium Core, Implementation Core, Training and Mentoring Core, and Biorepository and Clinical Data Core.

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