Erin N. Kobetz, PhD MPH

Senior Associate Dean of Health Disparities, Associate Director - Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Erin Kobetz, PhD is the Principle Investigator (PI) for the Addressing Cervical Cancer Disparity in South Florida CPR in Action, also known as HIYA, awarded in 2014 from The National Cancer Institute. This project focus on the efficacy of a mailed HPV self-sampling intervention for cervical cancer screening in the underserved communities of Little Haiti, Hialeah, and South Dade. Like other predominately minority, low-income neighborhoods across the United States, these communities contribute to excess cervical cancer incidence and mortality, largely due to lack of access to routine Pap smear screening and timely follow up for detected abnormalities.

The HPV self-sampling intervention was found previously to be highly efficacious when delivered in-person by a community health worker. The current project aims to determine whether mailing the self-sampler will be equal to or better than the CHW-delivered intervention with respect to screening uptake. If shown to be efficacious, the mailed self-sampler will represent an innovative and cost-effective strategy to improve access to cervical cancer screening among underserved communities, and may be integrated into standard clinical practice at federally-qualified healthcare centers.

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