Siddharth Pratap, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director, Bioinformatics

Siddharth Pratap, PhD is the Director of Bioinformatics at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. He is also an Assistant Professor in the School of Graduate Studies & Research at Meharry and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Dr Pratap completed his BS in Microbiology from Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), his PhD in Biomedical Sciences & Microbiology from Meharry Medical College (Nashville, TN), and his post-doctoral fellowship with concurrent MS in Biomedical Informatics from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN).

He is a lead informatics researcher, director for the Meharry Bioinformatics and Proteomics Core labs, and a co-director of the Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Research Infrastructure Core at Meharry. His research focuses on implementing and connecting multiple Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics approaches to address and advance health disparities research. His project focus involves Genomic, Transcriptomic and Proteomic characterization of biological interactions at a systems architecture level.

Nationally, Dr. Pratap is the Meharry genomics lead for the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) and Implementing Genomics into Practice (IGNITE) national networks, a co-investigator in the Mid-South Clinical Research Network (of PCORnet), and co-director of the Biospecimen & Clinical Data Core of the Vanderbilt-Miami-Meharry Health Disparities Research Collaborative.

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